A type & identity focused design studio based in the Philippines




Art Director: Karl Adrian Aguro
Designer: Karl Adrian Aguro
Illustrator: Robert Andrew Hiyas, Karl Adrian Aguro
Photographer: Martie Dejos, Em-Em Ybanez, Joseph Ong
Studio: Uncurated Studio
Client: Robert Andrew Hiyas
Year: 2017

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"PULSE is a fashion brand that celebrates life and diversity by creating nonconventional and gender-nonconformist clothing. PULSE aims to produce fashion apparel that combines comforting familiarity and surprising novelty. As such, this particular collection showcases garments that are inspired by the theme of plurality yet counterbalanced by the principle of harmony. The 12-piece wear anchors its design concept to the life stories and experiences of individuals, across cultures and across boundaries, who are persecuted or discriminated for their gender identity and sexual orientation. The materials and elements of this collection intend to communicate the message of tolerance and acceptance to both wearers and spectators. PULSE hopes to create and promote timeless fashion inspired by human diversity and tailored in fine quality.

An homage to all the victims of the 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting."

- Robert Andrew Hiyas


We created a symbol not only taking cues to pulses and the letter P but something that could also be used as a pattern. When Robert showed me his initial designs, it showed a lot of geometric shapes. To stay cohesive with what he has visually set for the collection, we created the logo to also be geometric.