A type & identity focused design studio based in the Philippines


This is a self-initiated and ongoing project by Karl. He loves experimenting and finds satisfaction + fulfilment when he makes it into a poster design. Each poster design could be about any random thing at the moment or about his daily life, or it could also be straight from work (If the client permits). One thing about Karl is he loves food, travel and music, so these might be some recurring themes on his posters.


All works are original unless otherwise stated.


And Ever

This was the first song I heard of KRNA, a local band in Cagayan de Oro City. I immediately fell in love with the words. Glad to have witness their EP launching back in August.

Stock Photo from Pexels
Typeface used: Helvetica Neue

The One

They performed this when they launched their EP and I was immediately drawn to its melody.

Illustration by Karl
Typeface used: Helvetica Neue


I have always liked Honne but never reached a certain level of fanboying until I saw them perform live in a music festival I went with my friends last July. This particular song is very sweet.

Typeface used: Helvetica Neue


Dongdaemun Design Plaza

"I went on a trip for the first time in Seoul last year (2017) and I stayed in Dongdaemun area. Right from the moment I saw the organic architecture, I knew it was made by Zaha Hadid. I always walk pass by it everyday and can't help but adore the building."

Photography and Typography by Karl

Paminahawa Ridge

"The ridge is just an hour ride from my home and I didn't know why I just went there recently. I love nature and traveling but hiking and trekking are both a challenge for me. But when I saw a recent photo posted by my relative, I knew I wanted to climb. I went on a solo hike with a help of a guide. I almost fell on a cliff because it was on a rainy day and the trail was slippery."

Photo by Karl
Typeface used: Biotif


"Penang is one of my favorite places. I heard about it on a trip to Chiang Mai when one tourist told me that if I loved Chiang Mai, I would also love Penang. He was right. I fell in love not only with rich art and culture, but with the amazing food. I'm planning on going back soon!"

Photo by Karl
Typeface used: Carlton


Make it Rain Gurl

"It's one of those night when I'm at YouTube and browsing recommended artist one song to another. That is exactly what happened when I discovered Yaeji and I'm so glad I did! She's a south-korean producer and fashion designer. I love her and her music so much!"

Illustration by Karl


"I took this photo during my trip in Taipei last May 2017. I spent my Birthday in a museum and I think it was the best decision. After taking this photo, I immediately though of making a poster out of it!"

Photography by Karl

Happy to Meet You

"I sent this as a gift when I went and visited ZeroPerZero in Seoul,"

Illustration by Karl


The Rainbow Lobster

"I'm allergic to seafoods. I can eat fish but not shrimps, crabs, lobsters, squids, etc. I have always been curious on how they taste but don't want to risk my life haha. Lobsters are favorite subjects of mukbang eaters. (Mukbang is a term used by youtube videos just showing people eating) I came across one video about rainbow lobsters in Japan. It does not exactly have all the rainbow colors. I hope soon I can eat one lol"

Illustration by Karl


"When I went to Penang, I stayed in a batik-themed heritage house via Airbnb. Part of my plan when I went there was to stay local and this place did not disappoint. You'll by the smell and its aura that it has survived through ages and generations. I'm glad I did this booking."

Illustration by Karl

American Teen

"I first heard of Khalid in Berlin's Colors session. It was the song "Shot Down" that he sang and I immediately fell in love with him. Honestly, I've never felt this so much attraction towards a black man (not being racist here!) I love him!!!"


Mandaue Nights

"When they first released their song "You and I", I got so attached to it. When a certain song or band gives me feels, I either listen nonstop to it or make a fanart!"


"I took this photo while having a rest. This is in Dongdaemun area and there happens to be a river so I went there. I sat into a pretty good spot and still could remember the nice weather. The first character was a bit awkward to look at when overlaid with the subjects (if you have a dirty mind!) but who cares lol"

Character translation straight outta Google lol

Limited Slot

"I have a daily routine of walking. I can't pass by a day without walking 5-6 kilometers because it helps me think. Haha. Earlier this day, I pass by some flyer and couldn't help but cringe on how cluttered it looks. But I have always had a thing for ugly typography haha so I took a photo of it and did some remix. lol"



"I have a playlist in Spotify intended for music that's supposed to make me high. A song from Hermitude was randomly suggested titled Ukiyo. I immediately remembered this Japanese art genre called Ukiyo-e where artists used woodblocks to create artworks and use muses (mostly) as their subjects. I think the Great Wave off Kanagawa is also under this genre."

Illustration by Karl


"It was until the third day that I've decided to go outside Taipei. Actually, that's also the day I started roaming around. There was too much work I needed to update so I stayed mostly in cafes and co-working spaces (sometimes leeching wifi from streets just to reply to clients) I remember my friend went to Yehliu and it's just a two-hour trip. Since I stayed near Taipei Main Station, I bought a bus ticket and went there. No regrets! It was too beautiful and I trekked up to the very peak!!"

Typography and Photo by Karl
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