A type & identity focused design studio based in the Philippines

Ms. Chingkeetea

Ms. Chingkeetea’s new branch - Velez.



Art Director: Karl Adrian Aguro
Designer: Karl Adrian Aguro
Studio: Uncurated Studio
Client: Sharee Mae Te
Year: 2018

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Chingkeetea opened a new branch in Velez. As part of the flexible identity system we set for the milktea haven of Cagayan de Oro City, we deliberated what story and image this new store will embody. Upon consultation with Chingkee, she wanted this branch specifically targeted to a higher class but still retaining that Chingkee flair people have loved.


Initially, this branch was visioned to be a stripped version compared to the other branches. Since this was the decided vibe, we also stripped its identity and simplified it - having a minimalist approach. Chingkee also was inspired from her travels especially in Japan, Taiwan, Italy, and New York and though to bring bits and pieces of these in the new branch. We also emphasized the idea of hand-made elements and imperfect interiors, and as she says, the wabi-sabi effect.