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Maayad Roasters Co.

Maayad Roasters Co.


Art Direction: Karl Adrian Aguro
Graphic Designer: Karl Adrian Aguro
Copy/Words: Jaiun Roa
Client: Maayad Roasters, Co.
Year: 2018

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Maayad Roasters Co. is a coffee brand that uses the finest coffee beans from Mt. Kitangad, Bukidnon. Maayad means fine in English which translates to Fine Roasters Co. The coffee beans originates from the Arabica Kona coffee trees grown by the Talaandig Tribe, one of the tribes of the province of Bukidnon. It has that unique aroma and taste and its quality has gained recognition in local coffee shops around the country. Each Maayad Roasters Co. blend is named after the seven tribes of Bukidnon that has its own indigenous taste and aroma making it the perfect hot cup of indigenous coffee, a treasure worth indulging at every sip.


We used earth colors such as green and brown to be the main colors. We then married it with the metallics of the copper to portray a premium line of blends.